Open Data versus the Coronavirus

Coronavirus open data

While Open Data Day is cancelled, join us on 9th Feb for a virtual meetup discussing coronvirus open data approaches to understand and tackle the recent 2019 novel coronavirus that has broken out in mainland China and now Hong Kong.

Beyond Open: Find out about FAIR Data

What is FAIR data? Come and find out at our meeting with Susanna Sansone from Oxford University who will explain the FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable)

Meet.36: Visit to Legco

Legco visit

ever wanted a chance to visit Legco but never had the chance? Here’s your chance with ODHK’s first LegCo meeting and visit!

Meet.35: Data, Data, Data

build a repository

Join us at meet.35 where we’re going back to basics to work with data, and start building a repository for common public data.

Meet.34: Open Data Tools

open data tools

Meet.34 is about showcasing some tools we are working on to support open data in Hong Kong. This includes a projects database, data warehouse and Legco watch database.

Meet.33: Sign up for Crafting an Open Data Policy

It’s high time to craft an open data policy for Hong Kong. Let’s learn from Taiwan, who are #1 on the Global Open Data Index, with the work of mayoral advisor to the Taipei City Government TH Schee.

Meet.32: Hacking the Human Genome

hack the genome

Meet.32 tackles one of the biggest Open Data challenges, sharing human genetics data. Taking Open Data to the Final Frontier: the Human Genome.

Meet.31: Tracking & Transparency

The Open Data Index & are the focus of the September 2015 ODHK meet, with Rob Davidson and Guy Freeman presenting on these topics.