Hackathon Make.05: HK Budget

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Saturday 28th Feb

  • 10:30 Registration
  • 11:00-11:30 Overview/ Ideas quick pitches
    Choose if you will form a team or lend your much-needed skills to various teams as a “floater”
  • 11:30-12:00 Form into Groups and just get started!
  • 12:00-6:00 Hacking, Hacking, Hacking

Sunday 1st March

  • 10:00 Open
  • 10:00-17:00 Hacking, Hacking, Hacking
  • 17:00-18:00 Present & Closing

If you are late in, we open for short pitches in between the day which you can share your ideas and ask people to join.
Ideas/Summary at pre-hackathon meet up: bit.ly/code4hk-budget

Event description

This year, more than ever before in HK, the government budget will be easier to break down, analyse, visualize, and hack. So let’s hack it together. Let’s find trends, gaps, compare to other cities and countries, and even create new scenarios. Let’s do this the weekend of Feb 28 & March 1.

You do NOT need to be a coder or a developer to participate! ALL skill sets welcome. Curiosity and thirst to learn required. Interest in civic engagement a plus.

The budget was published on Feb. 25. This year, John Tsang, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury has committed to releasing the budget in machine-readable CSV format, meaning it will be easier to crunch budget numbers and reduces risk of error, possible when first scraping it from Excel (or worse, PDFs and Word files). Though data people have no problems scraping this data, having the budget in machine-readable format means even more people can directly jump into budget data for better analysis, develop infographics, and run scenarios, realising the benefits of open data and setting a good example for the rest of the HK government.
There are some great examples of what’s possible when we scrape the data and visualize it. Let’s show what more is possible at this Budget Hackathon.
Entrance fee: Pay what you can (suggested $30).
The Government budget office and media has been invited to review the projects.
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