Who are CivicSight? Meet the team

meet civicsight

Who are CivicSight? Here in this overview we introduce and let you learn more and meet the CivicSight team members and amazing Board.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about NSL* (*but were afraid to ask)

Where does transparency and open data sit when a government passes legislation that is so opaque and unclear that nobody really understands the implications of it? How do NGOs and civil society organisations operate when collaborating or receiving funding from foreign organisations may become prohibited? Come and find out more from this online event involving some of our fellow members in the UPR-coalition.

Launch of the Hong Kong Open Data Index

Hong Kong Open Data Index launch

The big open data news in Hong Kong this month is the launch of the new Hong Kong Open Data Index from the Internet Society Hong Kong. Since our launch in 2013 we have watched the progression of Open Data in Hong Kong, and while there has been progress from the Government, it has been patchy.

Open Data versus the Coronavirus

Coronavirus open data

While Open Data Day is cancelled, join us on 9th Feb for a virtual meetup discussing coronvirus open data approaches to understand and tackle the recent 2019 novel coronavirus that has broken out in mainland China and now Hong Kong.

Celebrating the Success of Hong Kong’s Citizen Scientists

Hong Kong’s school children show they can contribute more to global research than so called “professional” scientists can, with their global mosquito alert data ending up in the GBIF repository. Come and gather with Hong Kong’s Citizen Scientists for a talk from Prof H Kibori to find out more.

Hong Kong’s parking data failure

Parking data is a good example of a key area in Hong Kong that the opening up of should be be able to help alleviate major problem in the city, but despite promise of real-time parking vacancies data from the government this currently is not a reality. Here we discuss the issue and some potential ways to solve it.

Guest Post: A Data Driven Look At Refugee Crime

Here we have a guest posting from Robert Porsch on our Open Data Day (ODD2017) hackathon teams look at refugee crime data in Hong Kong showcasing what you can do with AccessInfo data & statistical programming.